Children’s Privacy Policy

At Dovehouse Dental, we follow the laws that control how we use information about you and how we keep it safe when you visit the dentist.

If you would like to know more about this, you can contact the dentist using any of the ways explained below.

This Privacy Noticeis also available by asking for it when you are at the dentist or by reading the poster display in the entrance. You can also ask us for a copy by telephoning 0121 706 4141 or by contacting us by email at

What is personal data?

When you come to the dentist, especially for the first time, we ask you or your mum or dad some questions about you. This information is personal to you and is called personal data. For example, personal data includes your name and address. Sometimes we ask for information that is even more personal to you and this is called special category personal data. For example, we may ask if you are taking any medicines and if you are, we will write this down. We need to know all of this information, so that we can look after you safely.

What do you do with my information?

We are allowed to use your personal information, because the law says that we can in order to look after your teeth properly. Also, you or your mum or dad has agreed that we can use your information. If you are old enough, you can ask us not to use your information, but this would make it difficult for us to treat you safely.

How do you keep my information safe?

We will never pass your personal details to anyone else who has no reason to see it. Your information stays safe and secure on our computer and in our files. Sometimes, we mayneed to ask somebody else to look at a problem you have. When we ask them to do this, we will need to give them enough information about you, so that they can treat you safely. If we need to do this, we will ask for your permission. Any personal information that we need to send will be sent safely, so that no one else will see it.

How long do you keep my information?

If you change dentists, we will keep your information for at least 15 years or until you are 25 years old.

Can I have a copy of my information?

You are allowed to see your records and if you think there is a mistake, you can ask us to correct the mistake. If you change dentists, we can send a copy of your records so that your new dentist will know if you have had any treatment before. You can also have a copy of your records. If you ask for a copy, we will make sure that you receive the copy within one month.

Comments, suggestions and complaints
Please contact Mr A Mahmoodat the practice if you or your parents have any questions about what we do with your information.

You can contact us by email at:, by telephoning 0121 706 4141 or by writing to, or visiting the practice at:

Dovehouse Dental, 345, Warwick Road, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 1BQ.

We welcome comments and suggestions, and we will take your complaint very seriously.

If you or your mum or dad need any advice you should contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Their telephone number is 0303 123 1113, you can also chat online with an advisor. The ICO can investigate your claim and take action against anyone who has misused your personal data. You can also visit their website for information on how to make a data protection complaint.